You can choose the types of communications you would like to receive from Team Rubicon by logging on to Roll Call and adjusting your preferences.

On the “Home” page in Roll Call, you can click on the menu items to the left. Click “Communication Preferences” and a new browser window will open.

Menu items on left of home screen in Roll Call


The new browser window that opens will have a single box in the middle of the page with all the different forms of email and text options that you can control.

Marketing Communication Preferences


The top five items on the list are the types of communications that you can receive. “Operational Info” is your Call to Action or CTA. This is how you are alerted about operations in need of Greyshirts like you. You can receive this message in two ways, by email or by text message, or by both, which is the default. You can choose which form of notification you are sent by checking the box next to either Email or SMS or clicking both. Operational Info is the most important communication type in Team Rubicon, since it is the "bat signal" we send out requesting Greyshirts to help in the field. If SMS is selected, you will only receive text notifications regarding Operational Info, meaning, we will only text you when there is a need for Greyshirts to serve on operations. Trainings, Branch Updates, TR National Updates, and Neighbors Helping Neighbors communication will never be delivered via text message.

When you have completed your selections make sure you hit “Submit”.

Check your profile from time to time to ensure the settings are where you want them to be.