Early in the Emergency Food Assistance program there was a financial grant provided by our partner, the Patient Advocate Foundation. If a client asks about the grant here's what you can tell them:

Until July 16th, clients were applying for Team Rubicon’s food delivery services simultaneously with an application for the Emergency Food Assistance Grant being distributed by the Patient Advocate Foundation.  As of July 16th 2020, funds for the grant were exhausted, and the Patient Advocate Foundation officially closed the Emergency Food Assistance Grant for new applications. Some clients you will speak to may have questions about the grant, and their status in receiving grant funding.

If a client has questions about their grant status, please start by notifying them of the closing date of the PAF application. If they applied after July 16th, their application for financial assistance will not receive funding. If the client has further questions, please encourage them to reach out the Patient Advocate Foundation directly. A client can reach the Grants Department at the Patient Advocate Foundation by phone at 855-824-7941 option 6, or by emailing their question to: emergencyassistancefund@patientadvocate.org.

It is discouraging for clients to hear that they will not receive grant assistance. If appropriate, you can offer clients information on next steps to find programs for financial assistance. Two solid starting points are for a client to use their phone to dial 2-1-1 and speak to a United Way representative about options. For clients that have internet access, FindHelp.org is a great resource for finding local and national programs for assistance.

If you have more questions return to the knowledge base, or submit a new help desk ticket using the Emergency Food Assistance category.