We know it's frustrating to reach out to a client and hear nothing back. Here are the procedures to help guide the number of contact attempts, and how to close a request if you are unable to reach the client:

When reaching out to a client for the first time, we ask that you try calling on at least two different days. Leave a voicemail if you can and explain that you are calling from Team Rubicon. Look over the information in the EFA Job Aid for details on the program and. If the client's phone number provided doesn't work, try sending the client an email with the same information. If you reach a client, but they stop being responsive after your initial contact, follow the same guidelines for further attempts to contact the client.

If you have not heard back from the client after two days, it is OK to close the request in Roll Call. After you close the request on your end, further attempts to contact the client will be made by the Client Services team. If the client ever reaches back out, it is easy for a CS Navigator to assist you in re-opening their request in Roll Call.

If the client ever reaches back out, it is easy for a Client Navigator to assist you in re-opening the client's request in Roll Call.

To close a request on Roll Call due to no contact, first go to the Community Activities page. Scroll down to see the active activities you have committed to. Locate the client whose request you wish to close. Click Options > Verify Service. Under Community Activity Status click on Not Completed and set the Not Completed Reason as Could not contact Client. Describe your contact attempts in the Details box.

If you have more questions return to the knowledge base, or submit a new help desk ticket using the Emergency Food Assistance category.