It can be frustrating to contact a client and find out that they don't need your assistance. Here's some background on why that may happen and what you can do.

There are two paths available to a client when they request food pick-up and delivery from Team Rubicon (TR):

Community Food Sources

Client cards with pre-filled instructions

  • Food will come from a community food source such as a food pantry or food bank.
  • These clients work with a TR Client Navigator, and the Navigator will pre-fill instructions in the Client Card to help you locate a no-cost food source in the community.
  • This path is the most common of the two.
 Grocery Store Delivery

Client cards without pre-filled instructions

  • An option for clients who indicate they can afford groceries, or planned to use PAF grant funds to pay.
  • You will coordinate directly with the client on where, what, and when you pick up and deliver food (clients on this path don't work with a Client Navigator)
  • This works best when clients pre-order food online; if they can't, you can pick up cash or a check (never cards) and shop for them.

Because clients on the second path do not work with a Client Navigator before their request appears in the Roll Call #NHN map, it is possible that when you contact the client you will discover they made a mistake on their request. Some clients only required the financial assistance that had been provided by our partner the Patient Advocate Foundation to afford food. Some clients' situations may have changed since they submitted a request, or they may have forgotten about the request altogether. A third-party may have submitted the request on behalf of the client, so make sure to check if the primary contact is different than the client.

What to do if a client doesn't want your help

Make sure to introduce yourself and explain that you are with Team Rubicon and received a request they submitted for emergency food assistance. If the client isn't sure what you're talking about, explain that we are assisting with food pick-up and delivery for patients with certain medical conditions and at-risk due to Covid. You can explain the two options from above for how we can help.

If the client is interested in an alternative food source, the forthcoming changes to the Greyshirt Job Aid will explain how to handle these requests and be linked here when available.

If the client is not interested, thank them and enter those details in the client card and mark it "Complete" with reason "Client No Longer Needed Service".

If you have more questions return to the knowledge base, or submit a new help desk ticket using the Emergency Food Assistance category.