Use this guide for assistance in submitting a Help Desk ticket for a problem you are experiencing, or for a tech-related question. Tickets are triage based on the type of issue and the urgency of the request. 

It is expected that the Affected End User should submit tickets on their own behalf. In the event of extenuating circumstances, it should be thoroughly documented by the submitting employee the conversation and written approval for permission to submit a ticket on their behalf.



If you are signed in, select New Ticket in the top right corner. If you are not signed in or have not signed up for a Help Desk account, please click here to open a new ticket or select Sign Up in the top right corner.



Begin by entering your name, contact details, physical office location, and required fields marked with *.

If you are on an active Field Operation, please enter the operation name.



Category: Select the option that best matches your request. For some categories, a secondary drop-down will appear with more specific options. If nothing matches your issue, choose Other.


Hardware (Computers, Phones, etc.)

Applications (Includes Software and Web-based)
Account Access (Password resets, Lock-outs) 
Printer/Copier (Connectivity issues, Failures)
Network (Wireless and Internet problems) 
Security (Lost equipment, Antivirus, Malicious emails) 
Website Issue
Active Field Operation Support* 
General Question (Ask away!) 
* If tech support is needed on a field operation, ignore all other categories and select this option.  

Subject: Type a short sentence describing the issue. Related articles from the Knowledgebase will appear on the right side of the screen based on your text. Check to see if there is a relevant solution. 



Description: Provide as much detail about the request here. This description allows the team to triage your issue appropriately, and it will prepare them to assist you in a timely manner.


Recommended information to include:

- Where the issue is occurring (specific hardware, software, etc. Include asset tag if available)

- Details on how the issue happened (the action being performed that caused the issue)

- When did it start? How long has it been happening?

- Are there multiple users affected? Who?



Attach a File: If it is applicable to your request, you may upload supporting documentation, such as a screenshot or other file, using this link.



Priority: Select a level that is appropriate to the issue you are experiencing.

Low: Limited to no impact on business operations. (Maintenance requests; Questions)

Medium: Small impact on your job, but business processes can continue.

High: Unable to do important work; significant business functions and/or many users affected.

Urgent: Mission critical tasks are impacted; the issue requires immediate attention.



Click Submit!