Brapppppp! Sawyer 1 - Introduction to Chainsaw Operations Online Pre-Course will introduce you to the Team Rubicon Sawyer program.

The Chainsaw Operations 1 - Assistant Sawyer course is designed to establish a baseline standard for professional and safe chainsaw operations for Team Rubicon's volunteer disaster responders.

After Chainsaw Operations 1, you can explore further opportunities in the community, including advanced follow on training (Chainsaw Operations 2) or becoming an instructor. 

You can search for this course by going to the event page and choosing Chainsaw Operations under 'Event Subtype,' which will narrow down your search so you can choose the event date that best fits your schedule. Click the link icon under 'Register' to go to the training's information page.

It should look similar to this.

Read through the information to make sure that it is the exact course or event you want to register for. Check off the Team Rubicon Participation Agreement and answer the Health Insurance question. (Note: you cannot deploy if you do not have health insurance.) You will be able to register afterwards. Go out and get shit done!