Mobilization is a business function in Team Rubicon. It includes vetting, activating, dispatching, and tracking of volunteers. In business terms, Team Rubicon's "product" is its Greyshirts, the customer is the disaster survivor, and mobilization is the operational function that delivers the product to the customer. Our Greyshirts are our greatest resource and mobilization is a key part of the pipeline that connects them with service to others, which is why we exist as an organization.

The Mobilization Team is a mix of full-time staff members and volunteers who's purpose is to get the right person, to the right location, at the right time, and home again in order to serve communities affected by disaster and humanitarian crisis. We aim to do this in a way that balances a positive Greyshirt experience with the needs of the operation.  We want to send everyone we can, as fast as we can, to where they are most needed, while ensuring fairness, safety, and accountability for all parties involved. 

Here's a little knowledge bomb to expand your understand of Mobilization:

If you want to go down the Mobilization rabbit hole, check out our doctrine:

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