Use this guide for assistance in submitting a Request via the Service Catalog section of the Help Desk. The Service Catalog contains items that have pre-established workflows, such as the creation or deletion of accounts, the request for loaner equipment, and meeting and event technology setup. 


Click Service Catalog to browse the menu of available options. 

Note that all Service Catalog items will display on the next screen. It is recommended to utilize the Service Category section on the left to explore each section:

Accounts & Software - Modify account and email access; Email distribution lists; Request Software 

Hardware & Connectivity - Report Lost Devices; Request loaner or new Equipment; VPN access 

Event & Meeting Support  - Request tech assistance for a meeting or event 

To begin a Service Request, mouse-over the icon and click on it, or click the Request Now red button.


Begin by reading the item description found at the top of the screen, as some items have pertinent information that may be helpful in completing your Service Request.

For most Service Catalog items, there are a few required fields.

Location: Select your physical location (Headquarters, NOC, Remote, or Field Operation)

Overview of Request: Provide as much detail here to assist the Tech Team in resolving your request. This may include listing software names, cloud systems, equipment details, and more.

Each Service Catalog item has unique requirements based on the type of request. For example, an Equipment Loan request will ask for the Date Needed By and the Expected Date of Return of the gear. Event and Meeting Support asks for the Date of Event as well as the location.

Some Service Catalog items feature Additional Items at the bottom. These items may relate to the primary item depending on the nature of your request. For example, if an Event / Meeting Support request page is open, the Equipment Loan item will display in this section. Since some events require the temporary use of technology, a requester can click this box to expand the selection and complete the secondary request for equipment at the same time as the Event / Meeting Support request.


Users may complete a Service Request on behalf of another staff member by simply clicking the box for Request for Someone Else near the top right of the screen. Please note that the request ticket and its status remain with the user that made the submission. However, the Tech Team will see who the request is made for, so they may work with that person directly to complete the transaction. The user that submitted the request will receive automatic notification when the request is handled.